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Sigrid Alexandersen, LCPC,LMFT

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I take a modern approach to therapy, so I provide office and Zoom sessions for your convenience. As an LMFT and LCPC I see individuals of all ages and life stages : individuals,children, and families. Currently, my practice includes LGBTQ clients and international clients from diverse cultures. As you search for a therapist you want someone who is empathic, but also experienced and competent. You need to be able to trust that your therapist has a plan for cure! if this is your first attempt in therapy or you have had therapy, but need something more than you received, come and talk with me.
If you are experiencing difficulties in your life, the last thing you need is a therapist who sits there saying “uh huh”, and expects you to do all the work on your own. I am NOT that kind of therapist.I tell my clients I am a Sherpa who is an experienced guide. We are an equal partnership on your climb to the summit of health and well-being.
It is my job to successfully get you to your goal. I take an inter-relational psychodynamic approach that involves my active participation.You pay for my services and you get your money’s worth. It takes time to change and conquer your mountain, but I believe with a combined subjective/ family systems approach, progress can be achieved in less time.

As an LMFT, I treat couples, families and children to achieve healthy relational styles. I specialize in “third culture kids” and international families.

As a Life Coach, I help people who are seeking new paths in their careers or who wish to advance their careers by enhancing personal skills. can help you have the success you seek by confronting your obstacles to personal advancement.

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